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Tux wallpaper

Tux (Tux, cut. From the English. Tuxedo – tuxedo) – the official mascot of Linux, created in 1996 by Larry Ewing (Larry Ewing). This chubby penguin, looking well-fed and contented. The idea to use a penguin as a mascot advanced Linux creator Linus Torvalds this nucleus.

Little Penguin, inspired Torvalds used as a mascot penguin Linux
Tux was painted for the competition logo Linux. The winning logo using the free raster graphics editor GIMP painted by Larry Ewing. The works of other participants can be found here.

The first man, who called a taxi penguin («TUX»), James Hughes (en: James Hughes), wrote that it means «(T) orvalds (U) ni (X)».

Tux with a pipe – a symbol of Slackware
Today Tux – a recognized symbol of community supporters of Linux and open source software. He is much better known than, for example, the logo of the project GNU. Appearance penguin varies from picture to picture, for example, in the version of the package to improve safety PaX penguin wears a helmet, shield, and holding a wing Labrys and has a kind of demonic red eyes.
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