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Tokyo Ravens wallpaper

Tokyo Ravens (Jap. 東京 レ イ ヴ ン ズ) – Japanese light-story, written and illustrated by Kohei Adzano Sumiheem. In 2010, it was adapted into a manga, and in October 2013 in the anime, which aired on Tokyo MX and was licensed by Funimation for simultaneous display.
In the “Great Catastrophe”, Japan was thrown into chaos Ommёdzi. Harutora Tsutimikado Ommёdzi born into a family, but can not see spirits. His cousin – his complete opposite. She is extremely talented and is the successor to the clan. As a child Harutora promised Natsume become its shikigami. However, due to lack of talent, he decided to abandon the plan. But Natsume girl with character and will fight for his love.

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