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Tokyo Ghoul wallpaper

Tokyo Ghoul (Jap. 東京 喰 種 – ト ー キ ョ ー グ ー ル -) – Sui fantastic manga authorship of Isis, which is available from September 2011 in the magazine Weekly Young Jump publisher Shueisha. In 2014, the manga adaptation gets a anime series, which is made by the studio Pierrot, premiered on July 4th.

Plot Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneko – eighteen year old university student who caused the accident admitted to the hospital, where he was illegally transplanted organs of one of the ghouls to save his life. In order to survive, ghouls need to eat human flesh, so they kill people or find the body of suicide.

Plot Tokyo Ghoul: D

The action takes place approximately three years after the end of the Tokyo Ghoul. After the invasion of CCG in the cafe “Anteyku” Kaneko Ken was gone. CCG creates a new group “Kuinksov” – people whose bodies were implanted in “Kakuho” ghoul, so they have acquired the ability to ghouls.

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