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Templar Assassin wallpaper

Lanaya, Templar Assassin, became who she is, because of their innate curiosity. The owner of a discerning mind, she had spent his early years on a thorough study of the laws of nature. It was read grimoires about magic and alchemy, conducted experiments, described in the charred pages Violet archives memorized Keen observation scientists. Quiet and secretive by nature, it is more and more developed, these their skills, because the new knowledge were more difficult. Whether it is a little less modest, it would know all the guild as a scientist thief. Instead, they wound up its investigation into more distant and dark place. Devoting himself to the study of the laws of nature, she was able to open the secret door of the universe: the entrance to the most secret of the temples. Being on the other side of the portal, it seemed, we were waiting for her. Mystery Lana open they were just nothing compared to the answers that they have agreed to give her in exchange for a service. Lanaya vowed to protect secrets, but more importantly, she had the opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge intolerable. And function glances cast her enemies too slowly reveal her secrets of the universe.

Templar Assassin – is a hero with long-range attack type, whose main characteristic is Dexterity.

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