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Cool Sasuke wallpaper

Cool Sasuke (Jap. う ち は サ ス ケ) – One of the main characters of manga and anime series “Naruto”. After his older brother, destroyed almost the entire clan, Sasuke set out to kill him, for what was trying to be stronger than any means. However, after the accomplishment of vengeance which revealed the truth opened last event in a completely different light.

According to the story of the product that it got its name in honor of the father of the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Sasuke, who, in turn, was named in honor of the author of the popular hero of Japanese culture. Uchiha Japanese is very similar to the word utiva meaning “fan”, which is the symbol of this clan. Such a fan in the past was used in the ceremonies of the court to protect soldiers from arrows, and in particular, to blow fire. Remarkably, the members of the clan Uchiha using techniques based on the element of fire.

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