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Ryuk wallpaper

The gods of death (Jap. 死神) – is a fictional supernatural beings described in the manga, anime and the films “Death Note“, known in Japanese mythology, as the Shinigami.
Ryuk God of death, who was very bored in his world, and for fun he threw a notebook with a “user’s manual” in the human world. As it turns out later, it was not his book, and another book god of death – Sido. Ryuk never had any special feelings toward Light, he did not want any help or hinder him, but watching with interest for his actions. Loved apples and for the opportunity they have sometimes even listened LIGHT (for example, find all the cameras set L, Light said that watching him Penber Ray, and wrote in a notebook fake rules). He loves apples and play, does not like – boredom. Smiles all my life.
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