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Rome wallpaper

Rome – city, capital of Italy, the administrative center of the province of Rome and the Lazio region. Situated on the River Tiber.

Rome – one of the oldest cities in the world, the ancient capital of the Roman Empire. Even in antiquity (III century BC. E.) Rome became commonly called the Eternal. One of the first so-called Rome Roman poet Tibullus Album (I century BC. E.) In his second elegy. Notions of “eternity” of Rome is largely preserved after the fall of the Roman civilization, bringing the appropriate epithet in modern languages.

Rome is also called “the city of seven hills.” The original settlements were located on the Palatine hill, subsequently inhabited neighboring hills: the Capitol and the Quirinal. Somewhat later, the settlement appeared in the last four hills (Tselie, Aventine, Viminale and Esquiline).

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