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Rock Lee wallpaper

Rock Lee (Jap. ロ ッ ク リ ) – one of the most hard-working character “Naruto.” He was seen as a child his future teacher, Maite Gai, thanks to their continuous training. Dzёnin praised the diligence and the boy began to train his hand combat (taijutsu). I do not own techniques of Ninjutsu and gendzyutsu.
Rock Lee participated in the exam for the title of Tyunina not only for his team, but also for the opportunity to test their strength in a fight with the best ninja.
Together with his teacher, he likes to take anyone’s calls, or to set intractable problem, which often annoys the other two team members – Nezu Station and Tan-Tan.
In combat, Rock Lee is developing a high speed by combining its c excellent knowledge of martial arts. Over time, he became an expert in close combat, but it was worth it too difficult and lengthy training. Just as Guy is able to open the gates.
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