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Riven wallpaper

Achieve greatness can any citizen of Noxus, regardless of race, sex or social status – is important only strength. The belief in this principle Riven supported in its efforts to glorify his name. She joined the Noxian forces, and from the beginning has established itself as a great fighter, to cope with the weight of the sword, the length of which exceeds its own growth. In the battle Riven was impeccable and ruthless, their strength and persistence of the warrior drew unwavering self-righteousness. It entered into battle without a shadow of a doubt, putting aside the moral anguish and fear of death. A true child of Noxus and the embodiment of its spirit, Riven became a leader among his peers. Her passion for military affairs was so exceptional that the High Command of the city noted Woman special favor, handing her an encouraging rune sword made of black stone and fortified Noxian spells sorcerers. New weapons Riven was heavy oak shield and almost the same width – perfect in its taste.
Soon Noxian army, which served as Riven, was transferred to Ionia.
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