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New Orleans Pelicans wallpaper

New Orleans Pelicans – professional basketball club, speaking in the National Basketball Association. The team was founded in 1988. Before the season 2013/2014 team was called “Hornets”. Before the 2002/2003 season the club based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now the club is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Because of the devastating hurricane “Katrina” in the seasons 2005/06 and 2006/07, the team held home games in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was known as “the New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets.” December 4, 2012 a new team owner Tom Benson said that in the 2013/14 season, the team changed its name to “New Orleans Pelicans.”

¬†April 18, 2013, the team name was officially changed to “Pelikans.” Administration of the NBA announced that the name “Hornets” Charlotte can be used, but will change the name may not be earlier 2014-2015 season’s. If a change occurs, Benson will not be eligible for compensation from the owner of the “Bobcats” Michael Jordan. The flag and seal of Louisiana, which serves “New Orleans” also depicts a pelican.

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