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Morphling wallpaper

For many centuries the comet plowed dark wasteland of space. Die-hard gravity holding it as if on a leash and away from the sun, which made it possible not to melt the massive block of ice, traveling among the worlds. Suddenly, in the previous war for Vloy, she flew to the starry sky, leaving a trail of glowing in the night, passed by both armies, as a sign of destiny. Frozen ball began to melt under the boiling heat of the atmosphere, while the two sides clashed in a battle on the banks of a narrow river. And then, having escaped from his ice prison, he was born Morphling, elemental force that was unlimited and unchecked as the ocean itself.

Morphling – a hero with long-range attack type, whose main characteristic is Dexterity dexterity. The first ability, the Waveform dissolves Morphling and rushes forward, dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

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