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Moka Akashiya wallpaper

Moka Akashiya – Moka outside, she Omote (domestic Sinks) – sweet, pretty girl with big green eyes and light pink hair and behavior quite common for school girls of her age. A vampire. Like all vampires can not tolerate water, unless it is not added to a special herbal infusion. From contact with clean water loses its strength, hitting into the water, and stayed there long enough, it may simply be lost. I fell in love with Tsukune, met him on the road to college. She drew himself guy just said that in the vampire is nothing wrong, and agreed to be her friend, and his human scent, because of which she literally loses his head. Moka is constantly trying to drink the blood of Tsukune. Previously, she studied at the School of the human, but it was there all alone, which is why people hated and feared. Good at mathematics, general studies well.

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