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Misaka Mikoto wallpaper

To Aru Majutsu no Index (Jap. と あ る 魔術 の 禁書 目録 (イ ン デ ッ ク ス)) – a series of light novel Kazumi Kamati Japanese writer, published since 2004.
Mikoto Misaka (Jap. 御 坂 美琴) One of the protagonists of the series, as well as the protagonist of the series and manga To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. One of the seven Academy City espers with 5 the highest level of skills, and takes the third place among them. Student of the first year of secondary school. Her ability is to develop the most powerful electromagnetic field, with which it can, for example, to disperse the metal objects to enormous speeds, for which he received his nickname – railgun (because of the similarity of its ability with the operation of a Railgun / Railgun). Constantly trying to cause Him to a duel, but always loses. Tom has lost his memory, so some of his actions seem strange to her. Surrounding seems unpredictable and dangerous, but in fact, very responsible, kind and clever. Although not a member of justice often helps trigger. Fun on Gekkoty – toy frog, a souvenir fairly common and generally lovely children veshchichek (which terribly embarrassed). Lead sedentary life and is under the uniform skirt shorts (to the great chagrin of Kuroko).
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