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Mirana wallpaper

Mirana – a hero with long-range type of attack, which is the main characteristic of Agility Agility. Her first ability, Starstorm, calls on the meteor rain, inflicting damage to enemies standing nearby. The closest enemy will get a second attack that causes 75% of normal damage. The second ability, Sacred Arrow, releases an arrow that stuns the first unit in its path and causes damage. Stun duration increases in direct proportion to the distance to the target, starting with 0.01 and ending 5 seconds, and additional damage is 140 units, and also depends on the distance to the target. The third ability, Leap, allows Mirana jump on his tiger, inspiring allies furious cry that gives them an extra attack speed and movement. Ultimate capacity, Moonlight Shadow Moonlight Shadow, makes Mirana and all friendly characters invisible.
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