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Mewtwo wallpaper

Mewtwo (Jap. ミ ュ ウ ツ ー) – one of the 721 species of Pokemon. The main character of the feature film “Pokemon: Mewtwo vs. Mew” and a special “Pokemon: The Return of Mewtwo.” In the review of “THEM Anime”, a feature film is marked stereotyped behavior Mewtwo as a villain and that if Mewtwo was more interesting villain – the plot would become stronger. Mewtwo, like other Pokémon fought against both wild and tame Pokémon.

The name comes from Mewtwo Mew, whose genes have served its inception. The suffix “that» (two, two) refers to the fact that Mewtwo is a clone, a higher than Mew. Mewtwo name refers both to the form as a whole and to individual personalities in the games, anime, manga, game cards and other Pokemedia.

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