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Konata wallpaper

Konata Izumi (moon. 泉 こ な た). Sanguine. A typical otaku in the good sense of the word. Kona-chan – Occupied by a lazy girl who is a fan of video and online games, manga and anime. Of course, visiting Japanese Dvachi.
Konata – intelligent and athletic, but does not come into school clubs, as all her spare time she devotes to their hobbies, while for the money to them sometimes works in cosplay cafe. Konata friends with Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki. With Kagami Kona-chan often dive, hooking it in different caustic remarks.
Konata lives with her widowed father (also an otaku, fan Deit-sims and other adult games, “slightly pedophile” on their own admission, and, in general, is to blame for the presence of similar predilections’s daughter), and since the fourteenth series – with her younger cousin Yutaka, who studies with her in the same school.
Konate voiced the same seiyuu as Haruhi. So Konata accidentally is a big fan of “Melancholia”. Nyash same forbidding thought it sounded a subject “Hirano Aya and the people.”
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