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Kirito wallpaper

Kirito (キ リ ト) is the protagonist of the series light novel «Sword Art Online». He was selected as one of 1000 beta testers for the closed beta of the new game «Sword Art Online», the first VRMMORPG.

Kirito has a bit long, but neat black hair and black eyes. On his face there is a drop of masculinity, which is why people sometimes take it for a girl.

Kirito single player – one of those who participated in the beta testing of the game Sword Art Online. Being an avid fan of computer games, he was among the ten thousand people entered the server SAO on the first day of the game and one of those caught in the trap of the game world. Having made the decision to participate in the passing game, Kirito, nevertheless, remains a loner, only occasionally joining other players unite in guild – the group has set a goal to beat the game until the end. Kirito is one of the high-level players, developing their character art for one-handed sword, and, as it turns out as events unfold, unique skill of “two swords”. Kirito We have good reason to avoid close relationships with people – with the exception of only his relationship with foil fencer Guild Blood Knights – Asuna.

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