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Kagamine Rin wallpaper

Kagamine Rin & Len (鏡 音 リ ン · レ ン) is the second product released by December 27, 2007. This character Vocaloid2 contains a male voice (Len) and female voice (Rin). Their family name was from the developing association of words Kagami (镜, mirror) and Ne (音, sound). Seiya Asami Shimoda.
Illustrator KEI has been given the task to present Crypton approximate age and way of androids. They are part of the legs are designed to simulate the dynamics. At CFM had an intention to distribute them as twins, but they are neither brother and sister or lovers. Lena became a symbol of a banana, because his hair resemble a bunch of bananas, and a symbol of Rin – orange, because bow on her head gave the impression of orange leaves.
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