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Jake the Dog  wallpaper

Jake – a mutated magic dog, the best Finn’s friend and his half-brother. It looks like a pug with the big golden eyes. In the 1’st season he is 28 years in the 5 th – 30 years. He wears pants invisible web woven by fairies. Jake is able to stretch and to control his body, causing him to take any form. At 6 season 8 series “Bureau of Investigation, Joshua and Margaret” was shown as he was born. And he had a brother Jerman, who after his father’s death was the guard his trophies. His magical abilities, according to Jake, he got in a fairy izvalyalsya pool. Also it has a fine sense of smell and can smell objects at a distance of several miles. Able to translate their fantasies into reality, but to see it embodied can only. He likes ice cream, most of all afraid of Marceline.

Jake well played the viola, he may even conjure snakes and mongooses.

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