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Finn the Human wallpaper

Finn the Human – the protagonist of the series, one of the few non-mutated people in the Land of Ooo. Finn 16 years old (in the pilot episode, he was 12 years old, starting with the episode “Mystery Train” (2nd season, 19th series) – 13, in the 5th season – 14, at the beginning of the 6th – 15, and at the end of the 6th – already 16). He was found by his parents in the Jake’s infancy in the forest. Finn is one of the few non-mutated humans (men are also Mo, father Finn, Betty). In a past life was Shoko.
Finn wears a blue T-shirt, blue shorts, white socks with black shoes and a white helmet hat (wool Grizzly) (it was found in her parents Jake the dog) with ears – he believes the ears of his own and, for example, closes them, not to hear someone talk). In the future, the cap will revive and Finn call her chuvachkov.
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