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Dwyane Wade wallpaper

Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr. (Jan. 17, 1982, Chicago, Illinois, USA) – an outstanding American basketball player, shooting guard of the NBA “Miami Heat” in 2003, when this team was selected in the NBA Draft by the 5th number. Wade is a three-time NBA champion (2006, 2012-2013), the most valuable player of the final series of the NBA (2006), the most productive player of the regular season (2009). He also participated in eleven NBA All-Star Game (2005-2015), has twice won the competition of basketball skills during the week of stars (2006-2007), the most valuable player of the All-Star Game (2010), eight times was part of the team of NBA zvёd ( 2005-2007, 2009-2013). As part of the US team became the Olympic champion in Beijing in 2008, bronze medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and the 2006 World Cup in Japan. In 2014, he signed a new contract with “Miami Heat” for a period of 2 years in the amount of 31 million US dollars.
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