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Dragon Ball super wallpaper

Dragon Ball super new series waiting for you. Majin Buu victory over dalas Goku and his friends is not easy, but now they can relax and devote time to their families. Goku, Chichi yielding to persuasion, began to work, and saw Gohan moved in together and began to prepare for the wedding, and Mr. Satan accepted the award, awarded to him for the salvation of the world, at the same time show off in front of a crowd of reporters and praised himself as the greatest hero in the universe. Even Vegeta given the chance to spend time with your family, what Bulma and Trunks are very happy.

In short, the peaceful life goes on, and everyone is happy – except, perhaps, Goku, who would prefer to devote themselves to training in case hovering above the Earth a new threat, even more dangerous past. I must say, fear Goku is not unfounded: the universe is still full of dangerous and very powerful creatures, such, for example, as a god of destruction Birus, exploding planets hurl. So calm who enjoys earthlings will soon be interrupted, and then help Goku and his friends will be most welcome.
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