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Donald Duck Wallpaper

Donald first appeared in the movie «The Wise Little Hen» June 9, 1934 (in addition, he was mentioned in 1931 in a book of stories of Walt Disney). The appearance in the cartoon Donald was created by animator Dick Lundy and was similar to the modern look, the color of the feathers and beak were the same as the blue sailor shirt and peakless cap, but his body was thicker, and less than a foot. Character Donald was not shown in the short film he had the role of other useless from the original story.

Donald was still popular with the audience. This character began to appear in the majority of cartoons about Mickey Mouse with Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto. For example, in the 1935 animated film “Orchestra Mickey Mouse” Donald appears several times, trying to spoil the show.

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