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Death Note wallpaper

Death Note (Jap. デ ス ノ ー ト) – Japanese manga invented oboj Tsugumi and drawn by Takeshi Obata, and issued on the basis of its animated TV series and movies, feature films, light novel, and video games. According to a survey conducted in 2007 by the Ministry of Culture of Japan, it ranked 10th among the best manga of all time.

For the first time, “Death Note” appeared before the readers of the manga in December 2003 as a pilot volume in February 2004 as the beginning of the main story in the magazine «Weekly Shonen Jump». Manga continued to appear until May 2006 and contained 108 chapters later published in 12 volumes (tankōbon) in Japan.

January 10, 2007 anime and manga “Death Note” have been licensed for publication in the United States by VIZ Media. Due to the huge popularity of “Death Note”, this fact has not stopped many fansaberov.

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