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Clockwerk wallpaper

Ratltrap – comes from the same the clever narodtse as Sniper and Tinker, and it also compensates for his short stature mechanical devices and cunning mind. The son of a watchmaker, Ratltrap many years, learned the trade of his father – until then, until the war came down from the mountains and plains of the claimed peaceful settlement of the profession. “Now, your profession – War,” – said to him, dying father, is a village of their ancestors smoked, charred and burned. A poor craftsman who blames the tools and Ratltrap was not one of those that come up with excuses. After burying his father in the ruins of the village, he rushed to turn himself into the greatest instrument of war and times of all the worlds. He vowed that he would never get caught off guard – and he built, using their knowledge, armor Clockwork Knight, against which foreigners outfit was like a tin can. Now Ratltrap lives with their devices – not big, but a deadly warrior, and lie in wait for the destruction of which was the ability, working almost automatically and precisely like clockwork. Mechanic’s death, he quickly kills unprepared opponents with their creations and brings with it a new age of military equipment. What time is it now? Hour Clockwerk!

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