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Akira wallpaper

Akira – shot manga and anime on it, which tells about the events in 2019. The film was created in 1988, director: Katsuhiro Otomo, the studio Akira Committee.

One of the works that caused a sharp increase in interest in anime in the West, largely due to high detail shots, and complex and interesting plot. Akira was the first Japanese anime to 24 frames per second (in the 1980s it was the standard rate of 8-12 frames). In the process of its creation it was widely used computer effects.

2019. Titanic metropolis of Neo-Tokyo is on the verge of rebellion and revolution. The Conservative government does not want to understand the seriousness of the situation and only disperse rallies and demonstrations.

During clashes between biker gangs teenage lad Tetsuo faces, having lost control of the motorcycle, with the strange baby, the skin is dry and bluish color. It was one of the experimental children with “mutants”, whose incredible ability has long been secretly studying scientists and military member of the stolen anti-government groups. Suddenly, to the accident helicopters arrive and take with them both.

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