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Abaddon wallpaper

Fountain Averno, the source of his kind of force is a fault in the earth’s firmament, which emits a mystical energy for generations.

When a newborn Abaddon took baptism, something went wrong. In the eyes of a child there was a spark of reason, frightened priests, and cause them to whisper. He’s grown, that he went on the road all the offspring of the family Averno: the war and the protection of the homeland in the head of the army. But the Abaddon gave this not so much attention. While others trained in the handling of weapons, he meditated at Fontana. He inhaled deeply dark fog, studying to be one with the force that flowed deep under his home ground. Eventually he became a product of the black mist. Family disapproving attitude to such behavior, accusing it of neglecting the duties. But all these accusations stopped when Abaddon came into his first battle, in which he showed the new found power over life and death, about which the Lord himself Averno could not even dream of.

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